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Assessment for Leraning Plan

Essay 2: Assessment for Leraning Plan

Teacher            :

School             : Senior High School

Class                : XI

Semester          : 1

Standard for class XI at first semester in senior high school include six standard competencies and 4 skills they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teacher as the center of students should know the function of AFL well. Teacher should be creative to makes AFL more interest and fun. In another way teacher is able to apply many ways to makes assessment to be easy for student, but the existed must be concern with the basic standard purposes. The material of AFL should include English basic standard, because it has purpose to broaden and rise up their figure out of their study and their abilities.   In this semester I would like to teach simple past tenses to my students and also the uses in narrative and recount text. So, I would use assessment for learning to control and know the student’s ability in mastering simple past tenses especially to tell past event. The goal when I teach them simple past tenses is hopefully students can understand the usage of simple past and identify whether the verb is past or present and regular or irregular verb.

I will use AFL to make my students mastering in master simple past on a specific text like narrative and recount text and the application to help them improve their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. I try to make simple conversation about their experience using simple past and then I ask to them to be voluntary to share their experience in front of the class. For the example: a give them theme about a bad experiences. Then they will share their experiences using simple past. I try to ask to another students who to be listener to make a report about their friends experiences.

As a teacher, I will explain the material clearly to the students until they understand. So that’s why I should manage the class carefully and control the student’s understanding until they understand well the material that I have explained. When they do not understand, I will explain it more and more. For this situation I will be a facilitator that students need ask question or explain materials. Interaction between teacher and students must be smoothly, when they not know about the vocabularies about what they mean I will help them. So we can work together to help the students to reach their goal. To do this work, as a teacher I will explain for them the goal or target that they should do in this semester. I will explain them that in this semester students are asserted to master simple past on narrative and recount text. So, my role in this class are explain the materials, give the students example, give them exercise to help them master the materials, give them feedback to help them correct and evaluate their ability, give them score to measure the students ability.

Students role in this class are they will be able to know their goal and target study in this semester, students will be active and creative to do assessment and exercise in the class, students will be able to give responses in the lesson, students will be able to know their ability and achievement when the teacher give them exercise or activity they should do in the class, students will be able to know their mistakes and errors so they can correct or evaluate to make it better, students should know their position as a learner they  must be active in the class to make them reach the target of study.

The activities that I will do in my class are: First, I will ask the students to choose one of questions from the questions above to interview their friends about a topic that happened in the past, for example their last vacation, where they were go in holiday, their childhood, or another topic. This assessment has purpose to enrich their simple past tense when communicate with their partner. I will control their speaking ability during they interrogate their friends. I will know the understanding of my students then I will give them feedback to correct their mistake.

After doing this activity I will ask my students to write down their investigation using simple past and then share it in front of the class, in order to help students to improve their speaking also writing skill.

Next I will give them card picture they should make story by the card using simple past so they could make a good story by it student is able to practice to use their simple past and student is able to write a good sentence using simple past they also could practice using conjunction so they could connected one sentence with another sentence.

In additional student could know their progress. To show their progress I give a card score to all students. I ask to them to correct their friend’s story and write the wrong sentence and give the right sentence. I will watch them and correct again their papers. By these activities students will get motivation from me and their friends.  Don’t forget I will give them feedback and wash back because it have purpose to grow up their self abilities and to show them abilities so they will get more spirit to enrich their English abilities.



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