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Explanation of Standards for Selected Semester

Essay 1: Explanation of Standards for Selected Semester

Senior High School Class XI

Standard-based education is important for learning process because it will become the source to make materials for study and the roles for the teachers. It is the standard which use to make curriculum which focus to make materials for the state, national, and local educational standards. It is become the roles how to teach and how to learn for students and teachers. So it has purpose to get education goals base on the standard-based educational. Standard-based education is made to make all aspects in the learning process work together including curriculum, teaching, assessment, and lesson and testing to measure the student’s abilities. Using it teacher is able to compose the way how to teach their student to get education goal without cash out their level and abilities of their grade.

Even though, it is difficult to do to use standard without cash out their level and their abilities, but because it teacher has sight to arrange materials for them using many alternative assessment and methods. In another hand Standards have several important functions such as for the teacher about how to teach and what to teach for students at the class and for the students how to learn. So the teachers will know their function at the class and will help their students to Increase their Achievement because standards are focused on essential concepts, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for students to succeed in their learning process.

Standards try to explain and provide all students need clearly such as what all students should learn, what they learn must be new follow the era or technology and each school’s responsibility in that effort. Standards try to force all educational is equal for all students in a nation or state without look the geographical factors. Even though, every schools might to evaluated and recognized for how well students perform on local and state examinations. Although standard-based education has several functions there are advantages and disadvantages in the learning process especially for the students and teachers.

The advantages of standards-based education these are: it makes education “fair” because all students at an schools have the same experiences, it’s “fair” because students ability is compared to the standards, not to other student so it’s make equal of them, they also get the system which are aligned, they also are able to prepare their self to face final examination, because it has roles and the materials which should be follow to gives guidance for teacher and students.

The disadvantages of standards-based education these are: It make the standards educational don’t same with students ability, because the standard ignore geographical factors it is usually make the standard too high for students, teacher also less their independence because they must follow and do the instruction on standards, students also could not improve their skills because they only study and learn the materials that included in the standard.  In addition the examination can be unfair.

I am going to teach in Senior High school class in the second semester. In this semester there are six standard competencies and 4 skills they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the listening skill there are two standard competencies and each standard has two standard based competencies. In the writing and speaking skills standard hopefully students will be able to understand the meaning of the conversation which is use retell tales and fables, express relief, pain, pleasure/pleased, agree and disagree expressions.

 The other standard competency in this semester is the students will understand and use narrative and recount text to communicate with their environment. In this semester students will be able to give a response the meaning, grammar (Conjunction and relative clause and general structure of narrative and recount text. Especially in reading and writing skills standard students will be able to read, write and comprehend narrative and recount text. In reading skill standard there are three standard base competencies where the students will be able to read narrative and recount text fluently with correct intonation, students will be able to give responses texts accurately, students will be able to give responses in narrative and recount texts. The student’s responses can be expressed in the writing skills where the students will be able to use simple past tense in narrative and recount text in their writing practices.

If I were a teacher of Senior high school class XI in the second semester, I would teach Conjunction and relative clause because in the standard the objective is the students will be able to understand and make narrative and recount texts. So it is necessary for the students to understand and able to make sentences using Conjunction and relative clause, because narrative and recount text Conjunction and relative clause. I will explain to my students the forms of Conjunction and relative clause. Conjunction and relative clause is used to connect the stances in the narrative text or make join sentences. We can also join up sentences in other ways using Relative pronouns.

In this class I will explain the examples and the types of conjunction:

e.g. 1. I seized the cat, took a small knife out of my pocket, and cut one of its eyes out.

       2. I hung the poor creature until it was dead.

       3. I soon began dislike the cat because it often stared at me with a stared and hatred look.

Type of conjunction Examples
Time After, before, since, while, when, as
Result So, so that
Contrast Although, though, even though, while
Reason As, because, in case, for
Purpose So that, in order that
Manner As, as if, as though

In this semester, I will ask my students to create or tell folklore that is very popular in our hometown, for example Banyu Wangi, Baru Klinthing, Malin Kundang,etc. Telling folklore will help my students to remember that they should tell using conjunction and also they learn about narrative text. I will divide my students into 2 or 4 groups, each group should make dialogue about folklore that they have chosen  and then each group perform in front of the class.



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