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       I.            The Using Idiom in a Text


When Santa Was Feeling Blue About Christmas.

Normally Santa was feeling pretty good about Christmas.  After all, it was his special day.  A real Red Letter Day. You know, the day on the calendar that is outlined in red.  Days like your birthday, Thanksgiving, Valentines day etc.  He was afraid it was going to be different this year and he was feeling really blue (although he was dressed in his usual red outfit with all the white trimmings.)  The reason he was feeling blue,  was that he didn’t like the sound of the weather forecast.  It was supposed to be raining cats and dogs.   All that rain would mean that the snow would get washed away.  No one knows snow like Santa!  Then his elves told him that they couldn’t finish all the presents before Christmas.  If he didn’t feel blue before he sure did now.  But he suspected that they were just snowing him or giving him a snow job.  What it really meant was that they were hoping to go on a vacation to Hawaii or Arizona or anywhere warm because the elves really knew snow well and frankly, they were getting tired of shoveling it.  The elves longed to be snowbirds. Living at the North Pole year around was getting to the elves, even though they knew that if they became , snowbirds all the little girls and boys wouldn’t get their presents.  So even though they tried to snow Santa, they knew that in the end they would feel too blue to ruin Santa’s Red Letter day  and had to admit that the only ones who  got snowed were themselves.

Before they had a chance to tell Santa that they were just trying to snow him.  Santa looked at the head elf and said “You’re nothing but a lazy bones and it’s heads or tails if  I’m going to fire you! HO to you!”  The head elf said, “Don’t be such hot head Santa.  Just relax and keep your hair on.  Please don’t sack me, I’m not a lazy bones, just keep your head on  and don’t do anything foolish.”  Santa had always thought that the head elf was good head, but he wasn’t so sure anymore.  After taking a few minutes to think about it he said to the head elf, “let’s think about this, after all two heads are better than one.”  He thought maybe that the elves were having difficulties keeping their heads above water and maybe it really was heads or tails  as to whether the elves would really be able to get the job done.  He said “Maybe I was  hot head and you’re not a lazy bones and you’re just snowed under. I need to keep my cool.  He realized that the head elf had always been a good head and had always found completing all the presents on time had been a piece of cake for him.   Now his best friend was looking like sad sack! Santa felt that maybe he had flown off the handle.   He and the head elf had always been good friends.  He found it hard to believe that the head elf was really going to have a difficult time this one time.  He started to get suspicious that something was up.    Santa always had a heart of gold and now that he had cooled off,  He said to the elf ,”You just take the cake, I’m up to your bag of tricks.”  I think that you are just trying to pull my leg aren’t you? The jig is up, tell me what is going on.  The head elf was so relieved that Santa wasn’t mad at him anymore!  He knew that he had been lucky.  You’re right Santa.  We were just trying to snow you.  You are too smart for us.  You know that I would take a bullet for you.  Now let’s talk about the special features in those dolls that you have ordered.  We didn’t know if we could build them the new way.  It made us think outside the box.  After all it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick.  But we finally realized that we could use a new method.  It’s a piece of cake to build them now and the icing on the cake is that it takes less time your way.  I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick after all.   It’s been a dog’s age since we went out and had a coffee.  Let’s take a break!  That snow keeps falling and so does the temperature.  I think it’s going to be a three dog night!

Despite all of the worries about being able to deliver his presents, Christmas really turned out to be perfect.  It was not a slow day.  Getting all the presents to all the boys and girls had not been a snap.  At times the air had been blue and it seemed like getting finished might be a long shot.  All the elves, Mrs. Claus and Santa had put their noses to the grindstone and completed all the presents on time. Santa had harnessed up all the reindeer to the sleigh.  Rudolph did his usual guiding of the sleigh and the presents had all been delivered on time.  All the children were happy and all the parents had worked around the clock to make Christmas Day a real red letter day.  Santa no longer felt blue in his red and white suit.  The rain never happened which meant that Santa didn’t get.  He also wasn’t all wet!  He knew his elves needed a holiday from the snow so even though they had tried to snow him, he sent them south for a two week vacation.  All the elves went bananas and became snowbirds after all. (Imagine an elf that turns into a banana and a snowbird at the same time.  They looked really funny)

    II.            The Meaning of The Idioms

  1. 1.      Red Letter Day: a memorably important or happy occasion; any special day, or a day with any special significance

[From the red letters used in ecclesiastical calendars to indicate saints’ days and feasts]

  1.      feeling really blue: to feel sad, miserable, unhappy.
  2.      Raining cats and dogs: to be raining in great amounts
  3.       Sowing him: trick or fool, to trick someone or “pull the wool over their eyes”
  4.     Snowbirds: people who travel to warmer climates (usually south) for the winter.  It’s like they’re birds and they fly to warmer weather.
  5.  A lazy bones: lazy, don’t feel like doing anything
  6.   Heads or tails:  it could go either way.
  7.       Fire you: take away your job
  8.       A hot head: someone who is easily angered
  9.   Keep your hair/keep your head on: don’t get so mad!
  10.  A good head: someone you can trust and rely upon to do the right thing or to think about what they should do
  11.   Two heads are better than one: two people can usually solve a problem better than one person
  12. Keeping their heads above water: you are having difficulty finishing all of the work that you have to do.  see (Snowed Under)
  13.   Snowed under: completely overwhelmed by the work.  You just don’t think you can get it all completed.
  14. Keep my cool: very likeable, relaxed, not worried especially under pressure.
  15. A sad sack: someone who is unhappy, or often unhappy
  16.   A piece of cake: easy to do
  17.  Flown off the handle: get mad, especially when it doesn’t seem like you should be mad
  18. 19.  Something was up: you are suspicious that there is something happening that you should know about, but you don’t know what it is.
  19. 20.  A heart of gold : very nice person who would do anything for you
  20. 21.  Jig is up: you have been caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing
  21. 22.  Take the cake: unbelievable
  22. 23.  Tpull my leg: trick me
  23. 24.  Bag of tricks: ways that you fool someone or ways that you get something done
  24. 25.  Take a bullet: do anything for you including stand in front of a bullet
  25. 26.  Think outside the box:  solve a problem by trying to think of it in a different way
  26. 27.  Hard to teach an old dog a new trick: older people find it hard to learn new things
  27. 28.  The icing on the cake:  something that makes a good thing even better
  28. 29.  A dog’s age: quite a long time
  29. 30.  Take a break: quit for a short period of time
  30. 31.  A three dog night: really, really cold. A night where you would need three dogs in your bed to keep you warm.
  31. 32.  Slow Day: not much happening
  32. 33.  Air had been blue: someone was swearing and using bad words
  33. 34.  A long shot: not much chance of something happening
  34. 35.  Noses to the grindstone: to work very hard without stopping
  35. 36.  Around the clock:  to work all night to get something finished
  36. 37.  All wet: don’t kn
  37. 38.  Go bananas: go crazy, act like you are either very excited or feeling very silly
  38. ow what is going on

 III.            Dialogue

Billy    : Hi, Nelly… What’s going on? You look feeling really blue.

Nelly   : I don’t know I am nervous to face my father.

Billy    : keep in cool guy don’t worry about that, event though I don’t all wet.

Nelly   : But my father is a hot head, I making a mountain out of a molehill. I broken my father’s phone and lose his data on this computer.

Billy    : Calm down buddy, I see you now get down in the dumps. Let me help you buddy! Is your father burning the midnight oil for his work?

Nelly   : yeah, he will go home late, so what will we do?

Billy    : firstly we should bring the mobile phone to a counter to repair the mobile phone and then try to find the data on the recycle bin file. I think we will find it on this file then we show the storage file to turn to the first place. You should think it is a piece of cake. OK, so everything will be better.

Nelly   : it’s a great idea, came on let’s do that. Yeah, two heads are better than one. J

Billy    : you see buddy we were noses to the grindstone in the end we finished all well. What time is now? I think your father will go home soon. Time is up I should go home too. I wish you luck. You should explain it all to your father. He will understand you well.

Nelly   : Thanks you very much Billy you the best one.


  1. It was a special day for all mothers in this world____________ the day in the calendar is December 21.
  2. I_______________ because he doesn’t come in my birthday party.
  3. He wasn’t___________ just keep in cool when come to class.
  4. She is a single women who ____________ to finish her works.
  5. We ____________ to finish our project soon.
  6. Are you _____________ because a hot potato woman.
  7. Look out to the window you see that the show fall dawn to day is really___________.
  8.  He got a gift from his father and then he got money from his grandmother, that was_______________.
  9. My father said to me “_______________ to face the examination you had studied well”.
  10. Believe that we could finish it in time _______________________.
  11. His friend _______________ he makes a beautiful conversation.
  12. It is _______________ he is able to finish his examination only in 16 minutes.
  13. To day I get ________________ and I forget to bring my umbrella.
  14. Why you are__________________ to him it is not his fault.
  15. You spend your time only laying on your bed and watching movies you are ____________________.


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