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Interpretation of song “who says”

“Who Says”

I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else
Aku tak ingin jadi orang lain

You made me insecure
Kau membuatku rendah diri
Told me I wasn’t good enough
Kau bilang aku tak cukup baik
But who are you to judge
Tapi apa hakmu menilaiku?
When you’re a diamond in the rough
Saat dirimu bak permata yang belum diasah
I’m sure you got some things
Aku yakin kau punya sesuatu
You’d like to change about yourself
Kau ingin mengubah dirimu
But when it comes to me
Tapi jika aku
I wouldn’t want to be anybody else
Aku tak ingin jadi orang lain

Na na na
Na na na
I’m no beauty queen
Aku memang bukan ratu kecantikan
I’m just beautiful me
Aku cantik sebagai diriku sendiri
Na na na
Na na na
You’ve got every right
Kau punya hak
To a beautiful life
Tuk rasakan hidup yang indah

Who says
Kata siapa
Who says you’re not perfect
Kata siapa kau tak sempurna
Who says you’re not worth it
Kata siapa kau tak layak menerimanya
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Kata siapa hanya kau yang terluka
Trust me
Percayalah padaku
That’s the price of beauty
Itulah harga kecantikan
Who says you’re not pretty
Kata siapa kau tak anggun
Who says you’re not beautiful
Kata siapa kau tak cantik
Who says
Kata siapa

It’s such a funny thing
Sungguh hal yang lucu
How nothing’s funny when it’s you
Betapa tak ada yang lucu jika tentangmu
You tell ‘em what you mean
Kau bilang pada mereka arti dirimu
But they keep whiting out the truth
Tapi mereka terus abaikan kenyataan
It’s like a work of art
Seperti karya seni
That never gets to see the light
Yang tak pernah terkena cahaya
Keep you beneath the stars
Terus di bawah bintang
Won’t let you touch the sky
Tak biarkan kau menyentuh langit


Who says you’re not star potential
Kata siapa kau bukan calon bintang
Who says you’re not presidential
Kata siapa kau tak bisa jadi presiden
Who says you can’t be in movies
Kata siapa kau tak bisa masuk film
Listen to me, listen to me
Dengarkan aku, dengarkanlah aku
Who says you don’t pass the test
Kata siapa kau tak lulus ujian
Who says you can’t be the best
Kata siapa kau tak bisa jadi yang terbaik
Who said, who said
Kata siapa, kata siapa
Won’t you tell me who said that
Katakanlah padaku itu kata siapa
Yeah, who said
Yeah, kata siapa
The Interpretation of song “who Says” by Selena Gomez
This song is about to be yourself and don’t listen to what others say. Just be what you wanna be. It’s not about what people says about you then you can easily change yourself like they wanna be but it’s about be yourself. From this song we can get many motivations. So we can proud with our own self. It’s about being yourself and don’t let another people say that you can’t be yourself or do what do you wanna do.
We can now that most of girls in the present tend to try to dress and try to be what they feel other people want to be. Everyone wants to follow the trend and what’s in and what’s cool. At the end of the day when you strip all that down, are you really proud of yourself are you really comfortable in your skin? Then what they get from those. Are we proud with our self when we have down those things? So we can learn many things from this song. When we want to be happy with our life just be your self and be confident with it.
We can learn how to improve our inner beauty by being own self and don’t imitate another people to show your potentiality. The singer believes that we can be the best and can do the best for our life without change anything. We must show our inner beauty, potential, and confident by our own way. We can know from words “Who Says” that always repeated on this song it mean that the singer try to motivated us don’t be afraid, don’t change your self to be another people, and she believe that you can be everything that you wanna be, just be your self.



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